1. To impart higher education to the rural and poor residents of Kondhali and nearby areas.
  2. To aim at personality development of the students through extra-curricular activities in association with various social and cultural organizations.
  3. To provide platform to the students and encouraging them to take part in cultural programs, sports, debates and extra-curricular activities.
  4. To enable, motivate and encourage students to face competitive examination.
  5. To provide incentives in the form of scholarships to the poor, deserving and sincere and scholar students.
  6. To enroll more economically backward students especially female students for a strong and healthy community.
  7. To maintain ecological balance through various community development programs like tree plantation and cleanliness campaigns etc.
  8. To develop values like cleanliness,discipline,punctuality social service, intrapersonaland interpersonal reverence in students.
  9. To promote the faculty for participation in research and extention activities.
  10. To inculcate ethical and moral values and to enhance creative skills in students.