Vidya Param Daivatam’ is the slogan of the institution. This means thatknowledge is the greatest accomplishment of man. Our vision is in tune with this slogan. We are committed to teach our students the great values of humanity, compassion, brotherhood, equality, liberty, national integrity, patriotism, democracy, secularism and religious harmony.

Code of conduct for students

1. Uniform and Identity Cards.
2. Regularity, punctuality and discipline.
3. More than 75 % of attendance.
4. No use of mobile phones, electronic devices, etc
5. No ragging, no smoking, no drugs, no tobacco products in the campus.
6. No misconduct, no stealing, no destroying property,
7. No discriminatory behaviour towards fellow students.
8. Remain present in the college premises before prayer
9. Use dustbins to keep the college campus clean
10. Don't leave the campus without permission during college timing

Code of conduct for staff

1. Punctuality and regularity.
2. Shall abide by the rules and regulations of UGC, State Govt. and University.
3. Committed to progress of the institution.
4. Democratic and participative work culture.
5. Mutual respect and discipline culture.
6. Impartial behaviour to the students.
7. No private tuitions and other assignments.